Right off the bat, the ticking clock definitely grabs out attention, and we can’t help but wonder what comes next. The twinkling that builds up is calming yet mysterious, and the clapping adds a certain warmth. There is a very distinct layering of sounds that ends up creating a really beautiful melody, and the layering continues throughout the entire track. We’re getting some sort of underwater vibes, but still with a strong sense of mystery. The choppy vocals add more warmth to the track, and the wind-chime-esque melody feels so serene, and we can see why it’s named ‘Ghost’.

The drop has some really dark, violin sounding riffs that are absolutely gorgeous. This track is the definition of mellifluous! The sounds are so rich, and everything flows together so smoothly. That violin adds a heavy element that normally is provided by bass, but the surprise of hearing that beautiful instrumental feel is what we love most about this one

J. R. R. Tolkein once wrote that ‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful phrase in the English language, and that’s a phrase that definitely popped into our head while listening to this tune. ‘Ghost’ is so hauntingly beautiful, and the phrase seems to fit in some abstract sense. This track truly feels like more than just a well-produced track, but a real work of art.

This track definitely caught us off guard but had our full attention immediately. We became so immersed in the arrangement of lovely sounds and melodies that we’re tempted to keep it playing on repeat endlessly. Each sound is distinct and flows effortlessly through the others, creating a true sense of depth and beauty.

charlie.rom really took us by surprise with this one, but we’re excited to share it with you! ‘Ghost’ is a chill but eerie track, and wholly enchanting. Be sure to follow this talented producer on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud, and listen to this masterpiece below on MA Lite!

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