With the release of ‘Levelz’ last week, we decided it was time for us to sit down and properly catch up with one of drum & bass’ most prolific acts

We sat down with Chris, half of Brighton duo The Prototypes, to talk about their origin, what they were doing before making music, their hometown scene & more in this MA exclusive interview.

How did you two meet in the first place?

We used to run rival nights in our home town of Brighton back in the day, then we started doing radio up in London on ‘Drum&BassWorldwide’ which was flattened to make way for the olympic park which got built on that site. It all spiralled from there really.

What were you doing before you were involved in music?

I had been writing and playing music my whole life, both my Parents we’re professional classical musicians and Brothers are current professional musicians, job wise I was head of my own Music Technology Department at a school called St Bedes which was cool especially at the age of 25 but I had a realisation one morning and gave in my notice the following day as it wasn’t the path I had wanted in life, during this time I was working 6 days a week also Driving Friction around the country on Friday / Saturday, Making Music and Spending as much time as I could with my Family and Youngest daughter who was 2 at the time. Soon after that me and Nick started making tunes together and it became clear from the first track (Work It) that we had the same goals and joining forces permanently was the way to go, so we dropped our individual DJ names and formed The Prototypes, the rest is history.

What’s the fastest you’ve ever finished a tune in? And what’s the longest it’s ever taken?

The Knife Party LRAD Bootleg was undoubtable the fastest, it took literally 2 hours one night and then sat there for about a month just thinking it was crap, sent it to our mate Tommy Skisim who was half of our management at the time and he loved it, so tried to go back in on it to make it better but it was what it was by that point. Longest… Probably ‘Born To Rise’ which was an earlier one of ours on Shogun in 2011, it was previously called The Machine which I made before The Prototypes formed but when we got together we went back in on it over the course of a year and thats what you hear now, it probably took three years in total that one.

How does it feel hearing your tunes played out at virtually every drum & bass event ever?

Amazing, being backstage at Let It Roll Summer in Prague is where I’ve always noticed it the most, the back stage is surrounded by the three main stages and you can hear our tracks coming in on all of them throughout the night, its really cool.

What’s the DnB scene in Brighton like compared to the rest of the UK?

DnB has always been strong in Brighton, when you compare it in size to most of the main capitals for DnB in the UK it holds its own 100%

How have your careers changed since starting Get Hype Records?

They’ve certainly cranked up alot, me and Nick set aside a lot of time collectively to deal with record label business, I think we’re both only just starting to settle into our rolls with it also and finding our feet with it all but our determination to make it smash is only growing stronger by the day.

Who are your biggest names to watch right now?

for me…. Glitch City, Benny L, Malux, 1991, Muzzy

Grab ‘Levelz’ here

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