In anticipation of their forthcoming album ‘Orange Lane’, we sat down with the legendary Brookes Brothers to chat about the release, their rise to success, and more!

Hey guys, it’s a real pleasure to have you with us today, what have you been up to?
Thanks for having us guys! We’ve been super busy, we’ve just finished a remix for Kamille ft Avelino which will be out soon. We’ve got some more remixes to do now and some new material to finish, and promoting the album of course 🙂
So obviously the big news is that you’ve got a full-length LP ready to come out on Viper – what’s the story behind ‘Orange Lane’?
Yeh it’s out in October 🙂 Orange Lane is the name of the street where our grandma used to run a small art gallery in Montego Bay in the 80’s – as kids we spent a lot of time around this amazing art and it shaped a lot of our artistic understanding
You’ve got a pretty impressive catalogue of tunes under your belts, including several chart-toppers – was it ever a goal to rank in the UK dance charts? Has it affected your music at all?
It’s never been a goal of ours to top any charts, but we always recognized the potential of what we were doing. We definitely tried hard not to let our success affect our output and we always wanted to keep exploring new territory instead of rehashing the same ideas. There’s the ‘money’ side of the industry that wants artists to keep on repeating the same formulas that have worked already. I remember after Tear you Down we were asked to remix a tune called Seattle by The BPA – it’s still one of my favourite remixes we’ve done, but the label originally wouldn’t accept it because they wanted the “typical” BB sound. We always tried to experiment with different directions and not to box ourselves in, but the industry isn’t instantly accommodating for those types of artists, you have to work for it. I think success will always affect the music you make, but whether for better or worse is down to the artist.

Out of all your own tracks, which stand out as your favourites? Do you listen to your own music, outside of the studio?
Once in a while we do listen to our own music. By the time you’ve finished a track most of the time you’ve listened enough! But then after a few years it can be great to listen with fresh ears. The other day we found ourselves listening to an old track from our 1st LP (“Not Just Yet”) and loving it. I’ll have a little Youtube crawl every couple of years or so just to remind myself of some of the music we’ve made. It would be so hard to pick 3 tunes, we love them all equally. Its kind of like picking a favourite family member. They’re our babies. I can pick 3 from the first LP – The Big Blue, Snowman and Not Just Yet. From this new album I’d say The One, All About You & Waiting Right Here.

You guys are sought after for interviews pretty frequently – what questions do you answer the most?
 The most common question is – So what’s it like working with your brother? Our most common answer involves fighting over hi hats – it’s getting really old now!
You’ve been in the scene for over a decade – how have things changed in the past 10 years, or since you started going to shows yourselves?
Things change a lot with every year, it’s crazy. In the past 10 yearsdnb has become even more global, it’s literally reached every corner of the world now. When we started going to shows the internet was still in its infancy so it was a different world. In terms of the sounddnb keeps evolving and going through it’s phases. The music is techy and hard at the moment which is cool but it’d be great to see some lighter stuff come back, dnb is great at that uplifting sound!
Where do you see the future of drum & bass?
Dnb will save the planet
If you couldn’t make a living in music, what would you do?
Make hot sauce!
And finally, if you could write the theme song for any TV series or film, what would it be and why?
Maybe a song for a Disney live action remake, like Aladdin or Lion King, that would be so fun. Or Stranger Things season 2. Because we both loved the first season, and it’d be a great excuse to do a more analogue project.

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