The Drum & Bass powerhouse TC is back with his brand new album, ‘Unleash The Wolves’.

After months of continually teasing through social media and with support from certain artists like Andy C by dropping them in their feature mixes – we were hyped as hell for this to come out. For those of you who don’t know who Tom Caswell AKA TC is, he is the man behind the legendary tunes, ‘Tap Ho’ and ‘Get Down Low’.

The album kicks off with ‘Start a Riot’ and it certainly does that, with huge chugging basses on the drop that pierces through the track. The introduction is cool too and feels almost like a homage to the latest iteration to the Star Wars franchise. We can imagine this one going down too well in sets.

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The next track that really jumps out at us is ‘Next Hype’ featuring Jakes. Delivering that all-too familiar signature TC sound in a refreshing way that is sure to make you wanna dance around the room / club / field for the rest of the evening whilst pretending you don’t have to travel home the next day feeling like crap.

While also going for a more familiar sound, TC also dives straight back to his roots with tracks like ‘Rep’ with a Jungle / Footwork feel and Jakes’ delivering those grimey vocals that we personally feel make the track and give it its unique vibe.

This album is so nicely varied and the album itself almost flows with the way the tracks have been ordered. It brings you up, takes you down and throws you right back into a high energy banger moments later. It’s like TC is mixing for us in our bedrooms. Sweet!

One thing that we love and always have loved about TC, is his engineering ability. His drums are some of the best in the scene next to people like Break and Noisia and the way his other elements are brought in make our inner geeks squeal in excitement.

So in conclusion, the album is incredibly well varied and has a nice mixture of all sorts of that familiar TC sound we all know and love. Some cheeky collaborations with people such as Jakes, Armanni Reign and Metrik really help to bring some more diversity that is well needed.

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