Camikaze is an Australian based artist known for his ability to inject powerful feelings of emotion into his tracks using a strong tool set of nostalgia inducing lead synths and an excellent taste in vocalists. The pick does not disappoint for this one, with R&B singer Mack Moses delivering what we think is one of his best recorded performances yet.

Wasting no time at all setting the tone at the beginning of the track with an eighties movie inspired synth and a few dark keys, the track manages to invoke the musical vibe of the pivotal decade without feeling out of date, it’s modern production with a nostalgic twist. Fans of ‘Stranger Things’ will feel right at home with this one.

A relationship, in which love is no longer reciprocated and the signs of manipulation are starting to show, is the heavy emotional topic upon which the song is based on. Mack Moses gives an electrifying vocal performance, dripping with raw emotion, that blew us away from the first playthrough. Anyone who has been caught up in the confusion of love will know how such a seemingly small thing can come to feel epic and all-consuming, the songwriting, accompanied by the track’s style, captures this feeling in a unique but impact way.

Camikaze manages to balance his stylistic production with the emotionally charged vocals terrifically. When Mack’s vocals weren’t present you could guarantee a thrilling solo would be filling in the gaps. It showcases both artist’s talents without taking away from either, a true collaboration between artists that many songs often fall short of achieving.

It’s an outstanding pop track that oozes with quality. We always like to hear a track from an electronic artist that would be so playable on radio yet hasn’t been written in a way that doesn’t break away from the artistic integrity of both Camikaze and Mack Moses.

The track is available to download for free here

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