Out now on Refune Music is Brohug’s edit of Rob & Jack’s ‘El Chupacabra’

Dropping earlier this month, Brohug have remixed Rob & Jack’s pinnacle tune, ‘El Chupacabra’, for Sebastion Ingrosso’s Refune label. Perfectly blending the sultry sounds of the original into cold as steel house beats. Giving us bounce and groove, Brohug’s rendition of ‘El Chupacabra’ has completely blown us away!

Right from the start, we get a bouncy house beat that is as lively as it is infectious. Brohug tease the Spanish guitar from the original, playing with the vocals as well while still keeping a strong house beat. The acoustic flair from the guitar and vocals together gives the track a real warmth, a stark contrast to the cool, sharp electronic undertones.

We get the first drop right at the end of the first minute, delivering wonky basslines and a really groovy vibe. Definitely the kind of track to get you up and moving, we love the creativity behind Brohug’s take on the tune. Things quiet down shortly after and the emphasis switches to that gentle guitar, a sultry serenade to our senses. Using the original vocals gives the track a distinct familiarity, but it’s not long until we get a second dose of hard-hitting bass.

Brohug have successfully breathed new life into this lascivious summer tune, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Perhaps an unlikely combination of sounds, Brohug masterfully blend harsh house sounds with the more exotic, acoustic feel of the original, and the result is something truly spectacular.

Grab this tune here

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