After a lovely chat with Insomniax recently we thought we’d say hi to yet another Viper Recordings artist, BMotion, to chat with him about his new remix of Moby’s ‘A Simple Love’.

Moby has to be one of the world’s most prolific musicians, how did it feel knowing you were going to be doing an official remix?

Very excited!! I didn’t believe it at first and thought it wouldn’t come through…But a big thanks for Moby and his team for asking to me to do it and i hope they like it!

There’s so many ways you could have taken the original, how did you decide on the dance floor styled direction of the remix?

As usual i went through a million ideas before settling on what it is now. It was quite a hard song to take away from the original, but after a bit of noodling i came up with the baseline and the rest fell into place.

You’ve managed to retain the feel of the original whilst also injecting a healthy dose of your own sound, something you also pulled off to great effect in your remix for the Brookes Brothers track ‘Good to Me’. How do you ensure that the right balance is struck between the original sound and yours when in the studio?

With a lot of trial and error! This is probably the hardest thing to achieve in my opinion when doing remixes, I’ve done a fair few remixes/bootlegs before getting to officially releasing one, so i guess practice helps as well! I think making sure you keep looking at the song from how you would do things as apposed to getting too sucked up in the original parts is key as well.

2014 was the year you were signed on to Viper Recordings, how has the musical journey been for you since then?

I feel like with each release i have grown with my production quality and homed writing for Drum and Bass a bit better. Coming from a Jazz background i tend to go off on tangents that don’t necessarily work for DnB! It’s also been amazing having the support of everyone at Viper around me to guide me along.

You’re heading to Field Trip Festival in August with some of the other Viper crew, are there any tracks you’re particularly looking forward to play there?

It’ll be the first gig after A Simple Love is released so it’ll be nice to play that and people hopefully know what it is! I’m also hoping to get a few teasers up of future releases which I’ve been testing for a while which have been going down down quite well!

We’ve seen mentioned in a post before that you work as a music teacher to hundreds of schools. Could you expand a little on that? We always like to hear about what producers get up to outside the studio!

Yes that’s my day job! I work for a company that goes around different schools going in to teach whole class percussion projects. We do Japanese drumming Called Taiko drumming, Samba drumming from Brazil, African drumming on Djembes, Glockenspiels from Germany, Ukulele which apparently is originally from Portugal and a few other things like dancing for early years and generally being silly! It’s a bit of a culture clash on a Monday morning if I’ve been away gigging on the weekend but is a rewarding job and i get to be an idiot playing drums all day! The only downside is there isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything!!

Sounds like an amazing job! We also saw you took part in the Welsh Velothon bicycle race for charity, how did it go?

Yes i did! It went pretty well. My time was 5 hours and 29 minutes which was the aim so I’m happy with that! I’ve always been into Mountain biking and dodging trees, so it was a nice change to do some road biking and dodge cars instead! I haven’t checked how much we raised, but i think people are still donating which is great !!

Following on from the Moby remix, your new single ‘Passenger’ is due next month, what can you tell us about it?

Passenger was written around the same time as the Moby remix so it’s similar in some ways, with a melodic bass line and dance floor vibes, but a bit more edgy and designed to get things going. I’m currently putting the finishing touches to it, and making sure everything is ready to go! This is one of the one’s i’m looking forward to testing a bit more, it’s had a good reaction so far!

You can grab BMotion’ s wicked Moby remix here

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