Lucchii & The Boogie Bandit return to feed the world yet another brutally crisp release

Trap is a term that is thrown around a lot in the electronic music industry today, a genre that has been linked quite closely with grime and rap but has also had it’s own huge breakthroughs in the industry. Lucchii and The Boogie Bandits brand new banger proves that trap music is still in the forerunning of heavy bass genres in this modern age.

‘Blow up’ uses a fantastic range of really well tweaked synths alongside a ridiculously heavy sub bass, two of the most important trap components. With a hefty bass kick and a clocky snare to match it, the build up itself is a pretty thing to listen to. The voice gets higher as the track gets imminently closer to the crescendo and just before the peak we are treated with an awesome little drum break. Little things like this make tracks perfect for us at MA.

The drop comes in hard with a solid sounding synth only to be followed by a deep, shattering sub bass. Beautifully mixed and collected with some brilliantly produced background synths, making this track a monster to behold. The second drop comes in hard and fast with a twist, the main melody changes to a sort of screechy alarm bell, sounding almost far away proving the sheer production mastery of these two trap enthusiasts.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard impressive sounds from these boys and I hardly doubt it will be the last this year. Keep a pertinent ear out for future releases from Lucchii & The Boogie Bandit and we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Download “Blow Up” now HERE

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