Benny L is a name that we’ve known about for a few years now. A couple years ago he did a remix for the magnificent Ewol & Espired which went down very well at Let It Roll festival. From then he has done countless more singles and releases through Shimon’s Audioporn imprint.

Route Zero EP is the first of Benny’s releases to hit the legendary Metalheadz, ran by no other than Goldie – another absolute don and legend in Drum & Bass. There are four tracks in total on the EP – each an absolute banger that hits hard at home and in the club.

There’s almost a small cult following for Benny L now, with each tune becoming a core part of every single DJ’s set from Brighton to Belgium. The vibe is unreal, and everyone in the club knows it.

Benny L is becoming somewhat of a household name in DnB, with his name being thrown around a lot to win Best Newcomer at the Drum & Bass awards. Make sure you find out what all the hype is about.

Route Zero EP is OUT NOW on Metalheadz.


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