Having featured both Benny’s last EP ‘Appleroids’ and its equally incredible remix package, we were thrilled to dive in to his next offering. Bringing yet another EP to Audioporn Recordings, Benny L is a name you’ll be hearing much more of in the Drum & Bass scene . The latest release has weapons many DJs in the scene will be holding in their digital arsenal for a long time coming.

Kicking off the EP with a ridiculously catchy chant from MC Firefly, Fire in The Sky sets the tone for the release. Solid, rolling drums, a droning lead and wobbling bassline it’s drum & bass at its finest. Play this one loud and you’ll appreciate the full impact of this tune.

If we were to tell you that the hardest track on the EP features a vocal sample of Alan Partridge you might not quite believe us, but with backing from the music heavyweights Noisia you know before the first listen that ‘Backlash’ is a big one. Jabbing a low sub wobble and then right hooking with a huge synth, this track is a sure-fire heavyweight. Drops like these have been making a huge impact recently at Drum & Bass events, we’ve literally felt a club shake from ‘Backlash’ being played!

Another roller, ‘Freight Train’ uses a simple but effective chord progression and a gorgeously punchy kick to great effect, using a strong sound design to give a whole lot of oomph to the tune.

Switching up the style for the final track, the robotic groan of ‘Unorthodox’ makes for a gritty jump-up track that manages to keep to the EP’s style whilst diverging from the rolling feel of the preceding tunes. True to its name, the tune presents a different approach to the DnB sub-genre that doesn’t compromise Benny L’s overall sound.

You can get Fire In the Sky here!

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