Filip Motovunski shows us the combo of DnB and Reggae is still a killer one



After showing off his crazy track Lion King (which we featured on our YouTube channel) to the pride, Filip Motovunski is keen to keep his reign with yet another Drum & Bass banger on Bad Taste Recordings.

Remixing the work of Reggae stars Hornsman Coyote & Jah Mason, Filip has injected a whole load of dancefloor energy into the chilled original. Like all good remixes, the track respects the original song’s vibe in it’s pure reggae intro. It subtly blends familiar atmospherics into the classic Jamaican sounds to prepare the listener for the upcoming switch in pace. With Drum & Bass’s roots in Jungle, the genre often mixes wonderfully with the reggae sound and the Belly of the Beast remix is no exception. You know a track is a big one when the legendary Bad Company UK have openly endorsed it on their Facebook!

bad company belly of the beast

With Filip Motovunski’s signature sound pulsing throughout the drop, his fast attacking synths complement the sound perfectly. There’s a great attention to detail in the track, with each sound in the mix having a purpose, none seeming out of place. Of course Drum and Bass is generally known for its pace but this track seems to pack more energy than most, in no time at all the chorus is reintroduced during the drop, and trust us, after a few listens you will be singing along to this one!

We have no doubts this track will be tearing up dancefloors across the world for the foreseeable future, the track carries a broad appeal with it, perfect for those both new and familiar to the genre. With yet another big tune in the bag we eagerly await Filip’s next release.


You can grab the remix here and here


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