Barely Royal Releases a new Atmospheric Garage Track in Preparation for his EP Release

With Barely Royal’s new EP getting ready to drop in a couple of days time, his new single “Fire In The Dark” has further hyped our expectations for it exponentially! Barely Royal’s latest atmospheric garage masterpiece has certainly displayed how the genre of Garage can still be done in a unique and creative way.

Barely Royal, a producer emerging from London, has released a relatively small amount of tracks over the past while of his alias existence but has really blown us away so far with what he has produced. He’s a producer who we’ll definitely be looking out for in the future.

Over the past 2 or 3 years, we’ve seen a huge re-emergence of some old school genres being reimagined in a modern day way. Barely Royal certainly has created something beautiful and original that we’ve heard nothing like before.

The song itself has almost a breaks-like flow, tempo and feel to it but is crafted in such a unique and powerful way that words cannot describe. The track also features the amazing vocals from the emerging singer LØ which compliment’s the track immensely. The vocals in this track fill up the tracks high-end with power, complimenting the other various pads and synths in which the producer has used.


The song from start to finish is unique, it has a flair to if that tells a picturesque story throughout. The song is packed with positive energy and is definitely one of the best tracks we’ve heard all year so far. We look forward to hearing his EP and think that this guy has a big future ahead of himself.

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