Bad Company team up with RAM Records for a huge comeback – and we couldn’t be happier.

Many of you would have heard the news yesterday that the incredibly talented Bad Company are back in town. For any of you who are a bit too young to remember, Bad Company is practically the reason half of the artists you listen to now are around.

For many artists such as Pendulum, Andy C amongst many others – Bad Company is the reason they got into making music. That’s right. There would be no Pendulum if it weren’t for these guys. So, who are they?

Bad Company is composed of four members. DJ Fresh, dBridge, Vegas and Maldini. These four have pioneered and laid down the framework for all of our music we sing along to and love hearing at festivals either directly from themselves or from directly influencing someone to make music.

So, why is this a good thing? You might be asking? Aren’t they a bit old to be coming back?

Absolutely not! The reason it’s good they are coming back is because, between them all, they know the music industry inside and out. They can safely say they’ve been there, done that. What they are trying to do, is bring some musicality and soul back to the repetitive formula that has Drum & Bass has spewed out the last few years.

“But, what’s the problem with Drum & Bass at the moment?”, We hear you ask. Nothing, of course! Music is completely subjective and everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions. The thing is, people become uninspired and with all this wonderful technology available at our fingerprints, it’s easy to forget the entire reason we go into this in the first place – music.

If you remove the music element from music, all you are left with is noise. I mean, you wonder why your mum finds it hard to relate to you pumping out dubstep at 150dB? To them, it simply sounds like noise.

I mean, people literally pour their emotion and soul into music, that’s where the feeling and emotion comes from. Without that, anyone can make it. Even robots being created by the major record labels at the moment to churn out pop hits. It’s not quite there, but it’s almost there.

We think RAM Records and Andy C have done an amazing job to convince the group to come back together and I’m sure they have an incredible amount of stuff up their sleeve for us. It’s interesting to see what direction music is going to take…

Are you a fan of Bad Company? Are you happy they are back or do you think it’s a load of fuss over nothing? Let us know in the comments.

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