We are only 6 days into 2017 and already we have some massive releases coming through from NSD: Black Label.

The latest release is from Aweminus and is called, ‘Short Fuse’ EP. It contains 4 tracks and features a collaboration with Phiso – arguably the most hyped artist in the underground right now.

The EP kicks off with ‘Under The Bed’ which is both aggressive and bouncy. The drums in the intro blend perfectly with atmosphere, along sneaky snippets of basses which you hear littered throughout the drop, work really well with each other but is also minimal enough that you can just lose your mind.

Next up we have the collaboration with Phiso called ‘Hijnks’. This one starts with an epic intro that builds a tonne of energy and excitement. By the time it drops, we are brought straight back down to earth with a really heavy, but sick drop. This is the heaviest track so far.

Now we have ‘Pyramids’, which starts with this eerily upbeat intro but then throws us in to this super big and wide bass that makes you want to screw your face up, grab the person nearest to you and shake them around the room.

Lastly we have the self-titled track from the EP, ‘Short Fuse’. Again, the intro sets a really eerie and dark tone but with some interesting sound design coming through. The drop is slightly different to the others on the EP, but this one flows a lot differently so if you weren’t feeling the others, we’re sure you will love this one.

Once again, NSD: Black Label are proving themselves to be the premium cut in Dubstep. Make sure you keep both eyes open on this label this year.

You can Stream/Download ‘Short Fuse’ EP by Aweminus from HERE.

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