Electronic-alternative duo Aurganic are our new obsession, and here’s why

Having just released a nine-track album that has been over two years in the making, Aurganic have forged a name for themselves in the world of electronic infused alt-rock, and we can’t get enough.

The opening track on the album, ‘Signs’, introduces strong male vocals reminiscent of 30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto, and we can’t help but internally fangirl just a bit. Amidst dreamy vocals is an even dreamier soundscape, a fusion of soft electronic elements, rolling guitar riffs, and gentle drumming that we can’t help but swoon over.

The second track, ‘Empires’, delivers a slightly different vocal sound over another incredibly dreamy soundscape – the atmosphere on this one is one of pure bliss, and definitely takes us back to our 16 year old boy band days in the best possible way.

The third track offers something with a bit more jazz, but still with that intense emotive quality we’ve come to associate with Aurganic by this point in the album. ‘Levitate’ continues the jazz vibe but with a much heavier electronic influence – we’re picturing what it might be like if Fox Stevenson and All American Rejects had a baby – it’s awesome, by the way.

‘Distant Echoes’ is a much more somber track, with the vocals and instrumentals both tugging at our heart strings for a solid four and a half minutes. Then, ‘Meander’, one of our favourites off the album. Opening with a strong guitar riff, you instantly know this is the kind of track to get stuck in your head for days.

Aurganic slow things down again with ‘Porcelain’, delivering passionate guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics. ‘Shaman’, the penultimate track and another favourite, gives us a darker sound but still with a certain twinkle – the sound design and atmosphere really shine through here.

Finally, ‘Close Encounters’ finishes off the album with a quirky electronic sound that slowly builds into an elegant and cinematic tune with bold sounds and powerful drums. A remarkable ending to Aurganic’s third full-length release, ‘Close Encounters’ leaves us begging for more from the duo.

Grab the album on Bandcamp here


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