With his new EP out on 28th April, we wanted to sit down and talk to Posij about the writing process behind ‘Attention’

It is an absolute honour to have you here with us today, Posij! What have you been up to since finishing your ‘Attention’ EP?

Making new music with my friend (who’s also Former), and doing work as Studio Assistant to Noisia, a very, very fun and informative job to have 😀 shout out to the boys; by the way I refilled the banana supply and I changed all passwords to iloveFrank69, can I go home now?

Your upcoming release, ‘Attention’, has been described as being very experimental – what does that word mean to you, and do you think it accurately describes your sound?

The title track was me trying to emulate Phace and Misanthrop, which I later combined with an intro I had from waaay back in 2010. Those fast-paced drums that come in halfway through the first drop I had worked on for a few months back then as well. Now I finally got to use them as 1 WAV sample and tuned up with a frequency shifter, lol. So I guess that could be named ‘experimental’.. It’s basically always an experiment trying to work out which things fit and which ones don’t and then just repeating the progress until there is nothing to add or remove.

How did the writing process for this EP compare to some of your previous releases?

It’s always a different process. I usually write down the things I run in to so that I have it as reference for the future, but every EP/project so far I’ve written down new stuff. I hope this never changes because that would make it boring, though it would make it a lot less stressful and unpredictable.

‘Attention’ contains a really diverse range of new sounds – when you start a new project do you have an initial idea in mind, or do you prefer to let the production take you wherever?

I try to listen to what I can do with the sound/composition I come up with, but sometimes I’m stubborn and try to follow the idea in my head. ‘Jovial’ was one of those stubborn ones; I did not wanna stop until it felt like a bouncy, yet hard hitting banger in my opinion. ‘Ecstatic’ was me dabbling in the 160 range as I’ve been listening to a lot of half tempo and footwork rhythms at 160. I wanted to do one myself so that I have an excuse to go down to 160 in my DJ sets and also just to take on the challenge of going 160 miles per hour. No, wait; BPM. BPM.

‘Throb’ is just me trying to show off the samples I still have but have never used. Nah, just kidding – it’s an absolute mind-melting bangaaaaaaaaa, except that it’s not and it gets closer to a sound design soundscape thingy instead of a song… maybe.

How would you say your sound deviated from that of your peers, if at all?

This totally sounds like Posij, unlike the things that are Totally Not Posij.

This EP will be released on Neodigital, did you lean towards a particular production style to appeal more to Neodigital’s audience?

Yes. For ‘Attention’, I started the project 2 minutes after getting the email from Florian to talk about a possible release on his label. Drop, and then 22 seconds in basically the first bounce is done already, then I had to turn it into a song later on. For the rest of them, I had a 100% disregard to anyone and anything in the known galaxy, perhaps even to a few things in the unknown galaxy.

We know we’ve drilled you a lot about this new album, but we’ve got one final question for you – if you were visited by a magic genie and granted three wishes, what would they be and why?

That people would stop drilling me – ew – plus more wishes, world peace and a credit card that has an endless supply of money. Perhaps a nice building that I can own in Groningen to start a club/bar/restaurant/studio/movie theatre, I guess..

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today!

Pre-order ‘Attention’ EP here, out 28 April

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