AMERA, the experimental EDM group from Los Angeles, have recently released a stunning video for their single ‘Connected’ that is definitely worth a watch. Fighting the perception that EDM artists just ‘press play’, the band bring a truly live experience with their music that stands out in more ways than one.

With hundreds of shows under their belts already, Brooke Adams, Mikael Oganes, and Donovan Butez have come together for one seriously powerful EDM jam band that we can’t get enough of. Combining electric vocals and live guitar with a hearty dose of synths, this trio are redefining the boundaries between electronic and acoustic music with a refreshing DIY approach to EDM.

The video, which was shot, directed, and edited entirely by the group, provides the perfect visual experience to accompany their innovative sounds. Dishing up plenty of underground rave vibes alongside Brooke’s alluring vocal prowess and a catchy drum & bass beat, we definitely feel connected to AMERA’s sound after just one view.

The ‘connected underground’ mantra of the track is a perfect summation of what we find so appealing about electronic music in general, and perhaps is what makes this track as catchy as it is. Electric guitar riffs paired with leather jackets and plenty of headbanging give the track all the energy and passion of a heavy metal track, with No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani-esque female power and live drums adding to the raw emotion that can be hard to find in a lot of electronic production nowadays.

Following ‘Connected’, AMERA also released a tribute to the recently passed Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries with their remix of the iconic ‘Zombie’. Of course, we are always hesitant seeing EDM remixes of such classic tracks, but we have to admit to really digging this one. Brooke’s voice is magnetic right from the start, and we love the dark energy seething from the production. An elegant build up leads up to a drop equally as powerful as Brooke’s vocal chords for a poignant and tasteful tribute piece.

Check out more from AMERA’s new album on Spotify here

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