International duo Ambientronic have just released their second full-length album, aptly named ‘Duo’

Comprised of Dean Jones from Australia and Roman Shk from Russia, the two have been working together since 2014, after a chance encounter online. The album is packed full of unique and innovative sounds, reflected by their desire to ‘deliver the best to those who appreciate them’. Expect to hear classical melodies, deep bass rhythms, cinematic synthesisers, and a plethora of other sounds across the electronic music spectrum. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite tracks off the album to give you a feel for what to expect from ‘Duo’.

The first track on the album, ‘Homeward’, opens with a slow, methodical beat that quickly transforms into a much more gentle melody. These really alluring vocals kick in soon after, adding an enchanting quality to the tune. That methodical beat is distinct in the background, made softer by each added element but never losing focus.

The track is soothing and emotional, with warmth coming from the different vocals. There’s a certain charm about the track that draws us in, making it the perfect album opener. ‘Homeward’ is a gentle yet powerful track, whetting our appetite for what is to come.

Another favourite off the album is ‘Higher’, the 7th track on ‘Duo’. This one starts with a much brighter energy, making use of those cinematic synths that are characteristic to Ambientronic’s sound. There’s an almost eerie quality to this one as well, reminiscent of some of our favourite neurofunk tunes, only at a different tempo. ‘Higher’ has us a bit on edge, but things definitely get more soothing as the track progresses.

After the first minute, this glimmering melody picks up as more elements are added to the mix. The energy is brighter, but still with that slightly eerie feeling in the distance. Another minute in and another soundscape begins to emerge that is brighter still – the track is constantly transforming while still maintaining a sense of fluidity.

Those once eerie sounds are replaced with something more comforting, and that contrast creates a really unique dynamic. ‘Higher’ stands out as a real testament to this duo’s production skills, and showcases their wide range of influences.

Following ‘Homeward’ is ‘Stringstrumental’, another favourite. This one opens with an energetic, youthful piano driven melody that fills the room with feel-good vibes almost immediately. The track takes us on a journey to happier places, with a gorgeous flow and fluid melodies.

Each sound is distinct and yet flows into the next effortlessly. The atmosphere is uplifting, and carries a sense of magic that we find incredibly alluring. ‘Stringstumental’ is definitely easy listening, with subtle complexities coming together to create a really beautiful sound.

Last but not least of our favourites is ‘Bluegrass’, track 9 on the album. This track is super smooth, flowing effortlessly out our speakers and surrounding us in yet another unique soundscape. As the name suggests, we get some bluegrass infused vibes in here, giving the track a real groovy feel.

There’s a sultry quality to the tune as well, and really highlights the broad spectrum of sounds Ambientronic are capable of producing. ‘Bluegrass’ is a pretty unique concept, and its perfect execution is what makes it really stand out. We love the groovy vibes on this!

This entire album has really blown us away, making it hard to choose favourites, but these four tracks definitely sum up the incredible diversity of ‘Duo’. Ambientronic have demonstrated outstanding creativity and flawless execution with this release, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.

Grab ‘Duo’ in its entirety now, available from WEMU Records. 

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