2017 is off to a great start already and Phace brings proof of that in this interview

Every long time DnB fan knows just how much Phace has given to the scene and longs to see and hear more from him every year. So we decided to have a little catch up and find out what he’s been up to recently. With the release of his new EP coming all the devoted skankers here at MA are really excited to see what else he has in store.

It’s an absolute pleasure to have you with us Phace, how are you doing today?

Thank you, I am very well!

We’ve heard you have a new EP on the way, ‘Plastic Acid’ – how does this EP compare to some of your previous releases? Do you enjoy producing solo as much as with co-artists?

Next to the ‘So Excited’ single, which I put out in May 2016, Plastic Acid is my first bigger solo release since my 2015 album. I absolutely do enjoy working on solo material and generally prefer to work this way. Working on collaborations is something really refreshing too though, something I would not like to miss. It can be so much fun if you work with someone like-minded and share creative moments and the passion for something.

The EP itself imo sounds a little more upfront than my usual stuff. Blackout is a label that stands for heavyweight dance floor stuff, so I sort of tried to put my music into some clothes that would suite the labels look 🙂

Your EP ‘Phace With Friends’ had some huge tracks on it, will you be teaming up with anyone on Neosignal again soon?

Yes indeed, I recently am working on quite a few collabs and hopefully can share more info on these soon!

Speaking of Neosignal Recordings, Misanthrop’s release earlier this year was fantastic! Any other bigs news for the label in 2017?

For the first half of 2017 we do plan to release an EP by Emperor on Neosignal and an EP by Posij on Neodigital. We are compiling Eurofunk Volume 3 at this stage, but are unsure when we have everything together for this…. To all young talented producers, please send us your demos, we are always looking and listening! 😀

You recently played “6 Years at Greenclub” in Austria, did you play out any of the ‘Plastic Acid’ EP? What was the reaction like?

Yes I did, I played all of the tracks and have actually been testing them for quite a while. I already played earlier/unfinished versions of the tracks at this years Let it Roll festival. People seem to enjoy the music and the reaction I got was great. Same as in Salzburg. The tracks are meant to work the floor and iI hope other DJ’s will enjoy playing them out as much I do 🙂

Everyone has a favourite tune to play out in a set, what would you say is your favourite banger to drop – what hits the crowd hardest?

It really depends on several factors, like the for example where you play, the timing how and when you play a track and the vibe and mood of the people. It can be any track that goes down big, it really depends on when in the mix and how you drop it. Sometimes you drop a big track and people just haven’t got any energy left. That happens when DJ’s play hard through their set. That is very tiring to me. So nothing hard really hard sticks out anymore. You can really play a not so strong track but position it right in a mix and it goes crazy. A track I play out for quite a while and pretty much always still gets down big for example is the VIP of Desert Orgy. Probably its because a classic these days, and oh well, I guess its a hard one and I position it usually towards the end of my set 😀

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today Phace, one more question before we go: On a studio binge, what snacks to you take in with you to keep you energised?

A selection of quality nuts and Matcha Tea during the day, and maybe a Club Mate and a glass of wine for evening sessions

‘Plastic Acid’ will be release on the 27th of January and will be available to everyone through all kinds of web stores so keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be a big one.

Pre-order ‘Plastic Acid’ here via BlackOut Music

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