Adair is a fresh name to some, but not for us. We’ve had our eyes glued firmly to our screen after hearing his him for the first time. He has already managed to collaborate with some of dubstep’s biggest names including Getter, Dr. Ozi and has now teamed up with Nitti Gritti on his fresh new release that came out on Never Say Die Records today.

The young producer has firmly found his feet with this new EP and each track showcases a different style or sound. A lot of the time we find that each track sits differently or sounds slightly differently engineered, as with anything, you get better with time. This EP, however, avoids that and tastefully improves on everything throughout. One of our favourite tracks from the EP is the collab with Nitti Gritti with, ‘Limbo’.

Limbo is NOT what you expect on that drop and that crazy high end dynamic sound is something we’re not used to hearing. But BOY do we want more of it. It works so perfectly with the 4×4 drums that it makes you want to turn super saiyan and fly straight out the top of the rave. The rest of the EP is up to par with this track and words cannot quantify just how big this EP really is.

Roots EP by Adair  is OUT NOW on Never Say Die Records

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