In honor of EDC this past weekend (don’t worry, we’re crying over not being there, too), Insomniac Records bring us this insane track from 12th Planet, Lumberjvck and Protohype, and it almost makes up for it. ‘Skinny Pigs’ is exactly the crazy dubstep track you would expect from these three legends, and then some. Starting off gently with a really gorgeous piano and a twinkling melody, we’re instantly captivated. The buildup to the drop teases some of the heavy bass to come, but nothing prepares us for the insanity that comes next. Our brain is somewhere on the wall behind us so we’re having a hard time finding the words to describe this one, but damn is it a killer tune.

We love how the three producers have managed to seamlessly fuse together such a gentle melody with such heavy bass, but also elements of each of their own unique styles as well. A true dubstep masterpiece, this is the dynamic bass music that we love at MA, and we’re sure you will, too. Grab it on iTunes now as part of Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas 2016 Compilation.

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