12th Hour is back with 4 massive new dubstep tunes on ‘The Return’ EP, dropping September 9th on Firepower Records

The first track, ‘Countdown’, opens with a charming melody with lullaby-esque qualities. A gentle opening, teases of bass hit throughout and the pace starts to pick up. Fitting the name, there’s a countdown just before the drop, and then things hits in full force.

With heavy bass galore and some really stimulating, creative sounds, this is a really refreshing take on the dubstep drop. 12th Hour uses a lot of the robot noises characteristic to dubstep, but in a way that is somehow more melodic but still chaotic.

That enchanting melody kicks in again after the drop, and we love the stark contrast 12th Hour has created. Using such a light, dainty melody makes the drops seem that much heavier. The way 12th Hour is able to switch from two such different soundscapes really highlights his technical skills as a producer, too.

‘Get This Money’ is the second track, and it has a very cinematic opening. Slow and dramatic, we’re gradually pulled in by a chiming melody that is pitched up and positively charged. The atmosphere is light and airy, but we know it can’t last for long.

Sirens start to kick in after the first minute, our first hint that things are about to get messy. The drop hits, and it’s definitely a filthy one. The underlying rhythm is slow and demands some healthy head banging. We get a brief interlude in between drops with that chiming melody, and the build-up keeps that positive atmosphere going.

The second drop is much more fast-paced and there’s a lot going on – this is the organized chaos we love. There’s a distant vocal chant in the background that makes us want to pump our fists along with the beat, and then that glimmering melody weaves its way through the heavy bass.

12thourThe third and penultimate track is ‘Oblivion’, with a dramatic intro that is already a lot darker than the first two tracks on the album.  Opening with a slow, suspenseful build-up that’s slightly menacing, 12th Hour wastes no time getting into that first drop. The vocal samples add a certain anger to the track, and the drop carries some of those same dark feelings.

That underlying melody is never lost, even with the drop, and serves to create a pretty ominous atmosphere. Things quiet down a bit halfway through the track which adds to the spook factor, but we’re not sure if it’s aliens, ghosts, or something in-between.

The second drop hits with some heavy bass but still never loses the original melody, which adds a strong sense of cohesion to the song overall. 12th Hour definitely shows his darker side with ‘Oblivion’, but we absolutely love it!

Finishing off the album is the title track, ‘The Return’, which has a fast-paced intro that urges you to clap along. The first drop hits just 38 seconds into the track, and it’s another really intricate but still heavy one. You’ll hear that melody cut in and out of the heavy bass and distortions, which makes for a pretty dynamic sound.

The melody is still pretty spooky, but also has those upbeat vibes from earlier in the EP. The second drop is definitely hectic for a moment, and then we’re pulled back out with that ethereal melody. The track does a really good job creating an immersive atmosphere, and allows your mind to run wild with different stories to fit the unique soundscapes 12th Hour has created.

‘The Return’ EP has definitely left its mark on us. A powerful release with 4 amazing tracks to boast, 12th Hour has really impressed us, and we can’t wait to hear more from this talented producer. You can listen to ‘Countdown‘ now while you wait for the rest of the EP to be released, out September 9th on Firepower Records! 

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