In addition to releasing two new tracks this week, did you know Toronto Is Broken is a miniature wargamer and once had to cancel a show because of a spilled drink?

With the release of two new tracks from the English producer this week, we wanted to get to know the man behind the music, so we compiled a list of the ten most interesting facts about Toronto Is Broken – keep reading to find out more about the talented producer, and be sure to check out his new two-track single, out now on Viper Recordings!

The newest addition to the Viper family, Toronto Is Broken have just released two new tracks and we’re already in love. The first single off his upcoming second LP, these tracks both highlight his unique and completely addictive sound. This one also features stunning album art from Beeple, one of our all time favourite visual artists.

‘Make Me Feel’ opens on a rather intense note, pounding drums and hard-hitting bass flooding out our speakers in a burst of energy. There’s a strong neuro to this one, bringing dark, ominous vibes with an experimental edge. Amidst the industrial sounds, there’s a slightly quirkier side to the track as well with the odd spacey sound effect that makes the track really stand out.

The track is fast-paced right from the start, beautifully orchestrated chaos that has us feeling pumped! Despite all the gritty, apocalyptic sounds, the track still flows incredibly well – a true testament to Toronto Is Broken’s skills as a producer. Things quiet down halfway through and focus on his impeccable sound design before bursting back into an adrenaline-fueled frenzy.

The second track, ‘Trying to Find Home’, gives us a completely different side of drum & bass with silky liquid vibes. Opening with the enchanting vocals of Jodie Carnall, a gorgeous, piano driven melody wraps us up in a comforting array of sound and we have to remind ourselves this is the same producer who delivered such carnage with the previous track.

With such gorgeous vocals and stunning composition, ‘Trying to Find Home’ is a really serene, calming track with an ever so slight call to adventure that we absolutely adore. The lyrics have a really earnest feel to them, and add a warmth to the production that is truly incredible. We have a big soft spot for liquid here at MA, and this track reminds us exactly why.

10 Things You Need to Know about Toronto Is Broken:

1. Christian stumbled upon drum & bass by accident after searching through IDM artists on MySpace and eventually encountering Spor.
2. The first DnB track he ever heard was Spor’s remix of Stompbox by the Qemists.

3. Christian was 18 when he was first signed to Sub Slayers.
4. Christian had a daughter at the age of 19, so had to drop out of his music production course at college and go find full time work.
5. It took Christian two years and a half years to write his debut album ‘Section Nine’, some of the tracks on the record being older than his daughter.
6. Christian had to cancel a show once after spilling a drink all over a borrowed Mac, 30 minutes before his set…oops!
7. Christian is also a miniature wargamer and plays and collects models for games such as Warhammer, Malifaux and Frostgrave. He said “It’s nice to have a hobby that’s still and will always be a hobby, and its also nice to be crap at a hobby too!” His painting escapades can be seen over on his Instagram (@torontoisbroken)

8. His debut album “Section Nine” was named after the cyber-crime organization from the 1995 anime “The Ghost In The Shell” one of his all-time favorite films.
9. Christian’s favorite film franchise is Star Wars and his favorite one from the series is “Attack of the Clones”… followed by “Rogue One”.
10. Finally, Christian is half Polish and half Ecuadorian, and his stepdad (who he calls Dad) is from Germany, but he has lived in England his entire life and can only speak English.

Toronto Is Broken’s new tracks are available to stream/download here

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